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Private order

Victot Pontfol


In the department of Calvados the cultivation

tradition of apple trees is one of the

first resources and characterizes the landscape 

wooded and green area.

In the context of a vast domain devoted to

production of Calvados, we obtained the 

permit to build a cottage for the accommodation of clients.

The main idea of the project is the desire to melt

building in wooded landscape

environment, while keeping the principles

constructions of the region such as the framework

poles for the roof.


This cottage is implanted in the ground by opening

on this one by large picture windows on the

south side and partly west and east.

It is protected by a wall with local stone facing on the north side. Inside, the plan of the cottage revolves around a large central suspended fireplace, a sort of incandescent core of the construction.

The palette of materials used comes from the surrounding nature: local stone, wood, tiles.

Cottage_mass plan_xs copy.jpg
2200114 plan 100.jpg
20200114_Cottage_south facade.jpg
20200114_Cottage_coupe A.jpg
20200114_Cottage_coupe B.jpg
20200114_Cottage_east facade.jpg
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